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EP 74: BONUS Mental Health For Moms, Homeschool Moms and Teachers During a Season of Overwhelm, Change and Burnout!! Navigating a Season of Transition with Reflection, Learning and Hard Things!

May 1, 2022

Calling all MOMS, HOMESCHOOL MOMS, and TEACHER FRIENDS!!!  Is May an exciting time? Yes it is!  But is it also stressful and overwhelming as we end the school year and prepare for summer? Yes, indeed. I see you over there...raising your hand! 

In this short episode, I share my May Strategy for Mental Health and navigating a season of change, growth and unknowns.  I am taking this month to pour into all moms, teachers and homeschool moms who are needing encouragement, mental health renewal and tips for stretching yourself even when it feels hard. 

I hope you'll join me in renewing your mindset and focusing on the good things to come!  Be sure to join us in our Facebook Group!

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Be Blessed! 


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Let Your Light Shine,

Makenzie Oliver

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